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 Daily Exercises for Spiritual Renewal!  A look at a new E-book, Daily Exercises for Spiritual Renewal. This is a daily guide that provides both structure and flexibility for growth in your spiritual life. It includes an outline for times of prayer, 40 days of readings from God's Word, confession, giving thanks, worship, intercessory prayer, and key focus areas.


God Wants to Strengthen You! The purpose of God is clear: God wants to strengthen you. How to receive the strength of the Lord. 


Half Hearted Lovers: Half-hearted love vs whole-hearted love; what it means to love wholeheartedly, and a look at God's heart of love.


Stress and Surrender: Stress and the pressures of life can be released through surrender.


Re-Establish My Altar! The altar is a symbol: a symbol of something far greater than a place, a location, or an area in the church. It is a symbol of surrender.


Evolution and the Human Brain: How does the knowledge explosion relate to the current theories of the evolution of the human brain?


Contradictions in the Bible: What Did Jesus Say About It? In a fascinating encounter, Jesus pointed out a contradiction in the Old Testament, and didn't bother to give an explanation for the contradiction He had raised!

Encountering Christ in the Midst of Loneliness: How you can encounter Christ in a very powerful way, in the midst of feelings of isolation or loneliness.


The Care of Souls:  A Biblical study on the importance of caring for people, helping the weak, restoring the fallen.


Free Documents & Images to Download: A collection of free documents and Biblical art images that are available for downloading; free New Testament in PDF format with books and chapters hyperlinked for easy navigation.


Is Jesus God?   The deity of Christ is eternally important. This essay looks at the evidence presented in the New Testament, on this important question. Some additional historic sources are also examined.


Download God's Word  Free downloads of the New Testament, as well as links to free Bible software for tablets and laptops;  Bible versions in English, Russian, Chines, Arabic, and other languages.  


Restoring Your Relationship with God   "Restoring Your Relationship with God" is for anyone who feels distant from God, or who feels they have been gradually drifting further away.


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