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The following is a list of useful links. Click on the titles, to go there:

E-Sword is a free Bible program you can download, with Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, and other helpful tools for studying the Word of God.



"The Great Questions of Life" is a helpful series that can be downloaded at no charge, or read online.


Global Reach is a  great website to explore questions of faith and  life.


ChildHope is a wonderful organization that provides food, clothing and education to needy children in countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. Child Sponsorships are available. Today, ChildHope serves nearly 100,000 children in 300 schools and projects in 21 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

A thought provoking website which examines issues related to science, evidence for the resurrection of Christ, atheism, and other topics.


Internationally: Since Convoy of Hope was established, they have brought disaster relief, feeding programs, and various assistance projects to 126 countries and counting.


In the USA: In the past 25 years, Convoy of Hope has provided disaster response, conducted Community Events, and directed nutritional programs and sustainability projects in 48 states.




Links to Compassionheart articles:


Download a PDF on how to restore a relationship with God, at:

Restoring Your Relationship with God.

Download a PDF on how to receive the strength of the Lord, at: God Wants to Strengthen You.


Find out more about God's love, and His purpose for your life, by reading His Word. You can download a free New Testament as a PDF file, at:




Daily Exercises for Spiritual Renewal,  a manual for spiritual renewal, is available at Amazon as a Kindle E-book (or in paperback), at:





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