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Half Hearted Lovers 


Imagine the scene: A man and a woman are discussing marriage. The man says, "Honey, I want to marry you; but I can only give you half of my heart. The other half is for my old girlfriends. I'll only see them once in awhile...."

Of course, no woman in her right mind would agree to such a marriage. She would probably tell him to "Get lost!" Half - hearted lovers are a pain in the neck. Even worse, they are a pain in the heart.

Or witness the painful scene that is repeated so often in "soap opera" America: A man (or a woman) leaves their spouse, because they've "found someone else." It is a heart breaking and painful scene, repeated week after week in our society.

The pain of a rejected love cuts to the depths of a person's heart. Yes, a half - hearted lover is worse than having no one, because a half - hearted lover will take advantage of your love and let you down in the end.......

But there is a God of love who will never leave you, and never stops loving you. He is always faithful, always full of compassion and mercy, always kind, always ready to forgive. His love is awesome!

God is certainly a "wholehearted" lover of people. His love is everlasting, trustworthy, and powerful. He loved the world so much that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him would not perish, but have everlasting life (John 3:16). His love will never fade away; it is pure and constant.

Yet, sadly, God has a problem with "half-hearted lovers," too: People who claim to love Him, but have "other loves" that they really love more than God. How it must break God's heart to see people pursuing other loves: gambling, pornography, drugs, money, sexual sin, power, greed; or a life that mostly revolves around "self."

Someone who pursues these "other loves" has not even encountered the awesome power of God's love. God's love is experienced when you genuinely surrender your life to Christ, and put your complete trust in Him.

If you surrender your heart to Christ, you discover a love that is pure, constant, and unfailing. If you've been hurt by someone who has pursued "other loves," you can receive the healing love of Christ, which is a better love than any other kind of love in this world. Because this love of God is so pure and so precious, it cannot take "second place" to any other love, any more than a husband's "old girl friends" can share the love of his precious bride.

Because God loves us with His whole heart, He also calls us to love Him with all of our heart. Jesus said that the greatest commandment is, "You shall love the Lord our God with all your heart, all of your soul, all your mind, and all your strength." Mark12:30).

When you discover how much God loves you, it becomes easier and easier to love Him back. Ask Him to show you the fullness of His love. God is the source of our love, the fountain of living waters (Jer. 2:13). His love is the best! This love of God brings healing, enabling you to let go of bitterness or anger.

Just as a husband and wife surrender their lives to each other, to love one another whole-heartedly and without any "other lovers, ‘ so we must surrender our lives to Christ, to belong to Him forever. The decision to surrender to Christ is a decision to belong to Him forever. It is a turning away from the "other lovers" and old habits of sin, to begin a new life in a relationship with Christ. He gives you a clean slate: complete forgiveness of your past sins, no matter what they may have been. You enter into a new, growing, and lifelong relationship with Christ.

Will you surrender your life to Christ today? Tell Him you want to truly belong to Him. Ask Him to forgive you of your sins. Then tell Him you are surrendering to Him as your Lord and Savior. Thank Him for dying for your sins, and rising again to be your Savior.


And remember: the world is full of half-hearted lovers, but don't be a half-hearted lover of God. Give Him all of your heart!




If you are willing to surrender your life to Christ, below is a prayer of surrender. Use this prayer as a guide, and add your own words as well. Pray until you are sure you have surrendered your heart to the Lord.



A Prayer of Surrender:

Dear Lord Jesus, please fill me with your love, and wash away all my sins. I surrender my heart and life to you. I ask you to receive me and make me whole.

Thank you for dying on the cross for my sins, to cleanse me and forgive me. Thank you for dying on the cross for me, to make me a child of God. I turn away from all my sins, with all my heart.

I receive you, Lord Jesus, as the Lord and Savior of my life. I ask you to rule in my heart and life from now on. I ask you to fill me with your loving presence, and guard me with your divine protection.

I ask you to strengthen me and help me, to live for you from now on. I ask you to fill me with love so that I can love other people with a pure love. Fill me with love so that I can love you with all of my heart. (Continue to talk to the Lord in prayer, until you are sure that you have surrendered you heart and life to him).






* For believers who have wandered from Christ: you can pray a prayer of fresh surrender. If you realize that "other loves" have come in and hindered your walk with Christ, surrender your life to the Lord anew, asking him to take first place in your life again. Pray until you have turned your heart and life over to him again.


Once you have surrendered your heart and life to Christ, these steps will help you to grow in your faith and your commitment to Him:


(1) You can deepen your relationship with God by talking with Him every day in prayer. You will experience more and more of the love and compassion of God.



(2) You can find out more about God's love, and His purpose for your life,  by reading His Word.  You can download a free New Testament as a PDF file, at:  http://www.mediafire.com/?o1gtbd1thtm



(3)  Find fellow believers in Jesus Christ, who can help you and support you in your faith.  You can go to the following  site for further info:



(4) Share the love of Christ with someone you know who needs Him.



M. A. Erickson


Download a free article on how to restore your relationship with God, at:

Restoring Your Relationship with God.



** If you have received Christ, or have comments or questions, you can also contact us at: erickson5998@sbcglobal.net

 We'd be glad to reply to your comments or questions, or help you find additional information.




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