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  PDF or Word Documents - Free to Download: Click on the Document, to go to the download page. Then click on that document title, to download it in PDF or Word  format:


1. The New Testament, from the World English Bible, a modern English translation (public domain).  Books and chapters are linked for easy navigation.  This is a handy New Testament, in a single PDF file.

2.   Christ Altogether Lovely, by John Flavel (1627 - 1691 a.d.)

3.  Offices and Ministries of Jesus Christby M.A. Erickson

4.  The Real Faith, by Charles Price

5.  Stress and Surrenderby M.A. Erickson

6.  Half Hearted Lovers,   by M.A. Erickson

7.  The Cure of Evil Speaking,  by John Wesley (1703-1791 a.d.)

8.   Encountering Christ in Loneliness,   by M.A. Erickson

9.  Contradictions in the Bible:  What Did Jesus Say About It?

10.  The Gospel of John

11.  Words of Encouragement


  Biblical Art Images by Well Known Artists of the Past:

1.  The Conversion of Paul,  by Caravaggio

2.  The Descent of the Holy Spirit,  by Tiziano Vecellio

3.  The Galilee Storm,   by Rembrandt

4.  Christ Approaches the Cross,  by Gustave Dore

5.  The Last Supper,  by Leonardo Da Vinci




Scribd Documents:


Mortal Man Guided To Eternity





Bible Software Programs:

 E-Sword  - E-Sword is a free Bible program you can download, with many free Bible versions, commentaries, dictionaries, and other helpful tools for studying the Word of God.



 Online Bible Online Bible is another good site to download a free Bible program, Bible versions, commentaries, and other reference tools.

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