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The Most Awesome Journey

April 23, 2020




There is an awesome journey that no one reading these words has ever taken before. You may have traveled to foreign countries, you may have seen awesome scenery in your country or around the world, but there is a trip that is truly remarkable, that is different than any trip you've been on before. It is full of mysteries, and unknowns. The destination of this journey is awe inspiring and breath-taking.


As you may have realized, I’m speaking of the journey from this life into the next. Before you move on, or click to the next webpage, shouldn’t you consider the most important journey of all? No one reading these words has experienced this journey or reached this ultimate destination, yet all of us will at an unknown point in time. All of us will make this trip. But for some strange reason, human beings often do not consider this ultimate journey.


When you travel on a trip to a far away place, you do some careful preparation to make sure you are ready for the trip. Plans are made, bags are carefully packed, and maps and directions are stored away.


But many people...


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